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In 2013, the U.S. Sano Show introduced the Laser, a picoSure 755nm hive second laser with 755nm wavelengths.

In 2015, he was certified as an NMPA in China. The 755nm wavelength has a good selective absorption function for melanin, and the effect of removing the body particles is excellent.

In December 2017, NMPA in China was approved for the treatment of epidermal benign pigment lesions, and in September 2020 in China NMPA approved the treatment of dermal pigment lesions.
Unique Focus Diffraction Lens, laser energy can be highly concentrated, without damaging the normal tissue outside the pigment, the production of LIOB effect, stimulate collagen rebirth, truly achieve no downtime.
Technical advantages

PicoSure hive second lasers are FDA-NMPA two-factor certified to safely and effectively remove skin seconds lasers with tattoos and benign chromatosis. On the basis of the principle of selective thermal absorption, the unique leather second locking mold technology is used to produce photomechanic effect on the target color base in the skin by the unique 755nm wavelength and very short pulse duration, so as to disintegrate the pigment particles.

The 755nm wavelength melanin absorption value produced by exciting emerald rods is high, and when acting on pigment particles, it is more targeted, so it can be used to treat both superficial pigmentation and dermal pigmentation, which requires only one wavelength to correspond to a variety of common pigmented lesions. At the same time, because the absorption of melanin is stronger, will not damage other normal tissue, so the treatment of low pain, light postoperative response.

Technical features:

Very short pulse width: PicoSure's pulse width is 550-750ps, one picosecond is one trillionth of a second, 10 minus 3 square seconds, research shows that compared to nanosecond laser, 755nm picosecond laser treatment is shorter, fewer treatments, and higher patient satisfaction.

Advantage wavelength: Using a 755nm wavelength pissar laser, the wavelength absorbs three times the 1064nm wavelength of melanin, so the postoperative reaction is extremely mild and the effect is excellent for the patient experience.

Pulse width combined with wavelength advantage: Because of the high absorption value of 755nm melanin, only very low energy density combined with the width of the pulse of the second can be used to treat pigmentation from light to dark.

Smart Pigment Zoom Hand: Treatment only needs to observe the end-point reaction, rather than relying solely on parameter regulation, real precision treatment.

Patented hive lens: Focus hive lens, combined with a unique 755nm wavelength, produces LIOB between real epidermis, stimulating collagen production and youthfulness of the face, a skin technology that has very little trauma in the true sense of the word and basically does not require downtime.

BOOST mode: In BOOST mode, PicoSure's pulse width can be compressed from 750ps to 550ps, increasing blasting pressure by up to 70% and disintegrating stubborn tattoos that are harder to remove.

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