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Ultra picosecond is a special fake instrument among domestic laser instruments, which integrates freckle

removal, skin rejuvenation and face washing. Super picosecond is produced by Sinoron and has been certified by CE, US FDA, and China CFDA. It improves the skin tone and uses the thermal effect of the laser to burst the melanin, which can easily make the skin red, warm and recover after illness.

What is super picosecond PicoWay Picoway super picosecond is a laser beauty instrument developed and produced by Israel's Syneron-Candela company. It has obtained the two-way certification of CFDA and FDA at the same time, and won the "Nobel Prize in Medical Beauty Award"-2015 Best Picosecond Technology Award. It has an ultra-short pulse time (as short as 375-.

PicoWay, also known as "PicoWay", is produced by Candela in the United States. It has been certified by the US FDA, the European Union's CE, and China's CFDA. It is a quality and guaranteed laser instrument for skin beauty! It can deal with a variety of skin problems in seconds, such as freckle removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, etc., which are very popular.

I have freckles since I was a child. I didn’t pay attention to sunscreen before and got sunburns. Various consultations and comparisons decided to do super picoseconds. I originally planned to do it as soon as I returned from my hometown after the Chinese New Year. Delays and delays continued, but the hospital was not open and missed an excellent recovery period. After finally opening facial laser treatment in the hospital.

Nowadays, false advertisements are flying all over the sky. A "nail shop" in the circle of friends can do super picoseconds? Fans and friends must pay attention, super picoseconds need to be a formal medical beauty institution to be eligible to buy it, and then I will teach you Some ways to distinguish between true and false super picoseconds! 1. Look at the appearance of the instrument, only the super picosecond Picoway produced by the American company Sanolon

Picoway, a picosecond laser instrument from the famous American Xenolone, has passed the EU CE certification, the US FDA certification, and the Chinese CFDA certification. Ultra picosecond is currently a particularly outstanding instrument among domestic laser instruments, integrating freckle removal, skin rejuvenation, and washing Tattoo in one. Picoway super picosecond can be called the "Ferrari of freckle", the "blackboard eraser" of the skin

Our company purchased the original and authentic Picoway to provide the best service and quality for the majority of beauty seekers

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