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Rebeit Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2004

Company has been committed to the laser equipment sales of medical beauty industry, has and army general hospital, Beijing Peking union medical college hospital, Beijing hospital, ministry of health of china-japan friendship hospital, such as more than 80 state-owned hospital institutions to establish cooperative relations, and in 2013, and China's largest medical laser company, Wu Hanqi laser company Beijing general agent agreement to cooperate hand in hand, Services such as Meilai, Yixing, Lido and other private medical beauty institutions more than 100.

After 14 years of accumulation, in 2018, in order to cater to the tide of Internet economy and the rise of sharing concept to establish the "Ruibeite" brand and better serve the medical beauty market, the company has gradually developed into a high-end medical beauty equipment third party service platform with professional and data as the core. The company relies on the professional technology of the three first-class famous doctors team. Committed to equipment rental and sale, management consulting, professional conference and other modules, providing a powerful ecological alliance circle for medical and beauty institutions, biological and beauty chain, and financial investment platforms


Ruibit Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in 2004


State-owned hospital institutions establish cooperative relations


Serving more than 100 private medical and aesthetic institutions such as Meilai, Yixing, Lido, etc.


In 2018, in order to cater to the Internet economy wave and the rise of the sharing concept, the "Ribit" brand was established

The Company Team


Beijing (xi 'an) rui garden founder of cosmetic in the 10 years engaged in cosmetic field, continuous learning and the introduction of foreign advanced medical beauty technology, products and marketing methods, and through the body rich operating experience and unique product resource platform, for the domestic many large medical cosmetology organization provides education and training of personnel, nearly one thousand times Helps them to significantly improve their performance and customer satisfaction, and is recognized as the first person to improve the team in the domestic medical and beauty industry.


Beijing (Xi 'an) founder of Rebeit Medical Cosmetology

I have been engaged in the beauty industry for 6 years, from the traditional beauty SPA to the Korean skin management to the mainstream medical beauty anti-aging in today's society. I have studied and investigated regularly in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan to get in touch with the current mainstream instruments and products, so as to customize skin care programs according to the needs of customers and solve the aging problem of women from the inside out. There are unique treatment programs for different skin, especially for problematic skin from prevention, treatment, repair and protection of four aspects to protect your skin in an all-round way


Beijing (Xi 'an) founder of Rebeit Medical Cosmetology

Senior advertising man, new media expert.

Established high-end flower brands and independent bag brands, committed to providing women with quality products and a beautiful lifestyle.

Join the medical BEAUTY industry and Real Beauty for one year, popularize medical BEAUTY knowledge to millions of users through the Internet, debunk medical BEAUTY rumors and give information online


Beijing (Xi 'an) founder of Rebeit Medical Cosmetology

He has been engaged in the field of medical cosmetology for 15 years. He once served as the overseas general manager of Huaxi Group, a Chinese medical beauty giant. During his tenure, the overseas business of Huaxi Group achieved successive years of growth. The subsoil medical beauty field for many years, has developed his unique taste and rich experience in product operation, for hundreds of domestic large medical beauty companies provide professional operating strategic planning and consulting services, from the early training of the product, product planning and positioning, the use of late, customer care is very good a line of actual combat experience.

Doctor Team


Dr. Qu Naibin
Real Beauty Special Doctor

Graduated from Bethune Medical University (now Jilin University), he is one of the first batch of cosmetic doctors in China. Focusing on oriental facial aesthetics design, he has been engaged in plastic and cosmetic surgery for more than ten years. The surgery is known for its natural and delicate operation. He has unique accomplishments in facial refinement operation, Korean eye beauty, eye beauty carving, and gynecological love aka. Heart plastic surgery.

Dr. Li Peirong
Real Beauty Special Doctor

Department of Clinical Medicine, Peking University Health Science Center
Physician of Taiwan Nice Clinic, Dean of Beijing Andai Medical Beauty Clinic
Merz original certified physician
Ultherapy (polar sonic lift) certified operating physician
Full face carved comprehensive injection
Linear lift
Princess Princess Hyaluronic Acid designated injection physician


Dr. Wang Junhui

Have a wealth of anti-aging experience
Engaged in medical beauty for six years, has profound theoretical research and rich clinical experience in laser beauty, good at photoelectric beauty, treatment of melasma, freckles, sunburn, coffee spots, acne and post-acne hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, Comprehensive management of skin rejuvenation.
American picoway super picosecond operation expert, special technical consultant of Sinoron
Thermage certified teacher

Dr. Wang Lingyun

Possess rich experience in medical and aesthetic treatment planning
U.S. ultherapy ultimate sonic waverati original certified operation teacher
Lecturer of Asian Medical Beauty Laser System Treatment Training
Sinoron Picoway original certified operation expert
Years of in-depth research on potential skin problems and spot repair


Main Items

● Instrument Sales ● Instrument Rental Cooperation ● BCN Product Agent

Ober Skin Test

Scientific and intuitive analysis of various problems in the superficial and deep layers of the skin. Intuitively and clearly show the potential skin crises such as deep pigmentation, red blood streaks, wrinkles and photoaging, discover skin problems 10 years in advance, prevent, detect and treat early.

The Second Generation Super Picosecond Picoway

1064/532/785nm three wavelengths with different penetrating power to treat all skin conditions: 300ps ultra-short pulse produces stronger light shock effect, greatly reducing the number of treatments, less discomfort, 360-degree holographic diffusion mode, new collagen is regained skin.

The Fourth Generation Thermage

Non-invasive lifting, firming, whitening, and simultaneous significant Thermage plastic beauty does not require surgery or injections, non-invasive radiofrequency energy treatment, non-invasive and efficient, flattening, tightening, stretching and sculpting facial lines, the effect is comparable to face lift surgery.

Fifth Generation Thermage

Intelligent full-effect probe (Total Tip 4.0) speeds up to 25%. The body probe adds an improved vibration mode to enhance the comfort range of the treatment. Both face and body can enjoy all-round vibration. It is smaller and lighter. The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure smooth vibration. Fine-tune each radio frequency energy according to the treatment position to optimize the energy received by every inch of skin.

U.S. Ultrasonic Knife

The best temperature guarantee (Ulthera) system temperature is around 68-72, which is the most suitable temperature for effective collagen denaturation. Using focused ultrasound, there is no need to heat the skin at all, and it will not cause damage to the skin.

Pixel Dot Matrix

Bipolar RF energy is provided to the skin through a channel composed of a row of small electrode needles (64 needles or 44 needles), active electrodes and large return electrodes. The undamaged tissue between the electrode needles acts as a "healing reservoir" to heat down the deep dermis and cause collagen contracture and degeneration. Induced growth factors stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. Replace the old collagen with new fibers. The new fibers have a tighter and more optimized tissue structure to provide reduced wrinkles and a smoother skin appearance.

Derma Shine 3

The newly developed Derma Shine 3 generation water-light injection instrument in South Korea uses negative pressure technology to accurately replenish skin nutrients at a depth of 1.28 mm in the dermis. Before the microneedles enter the skin, use the negative pressure meter to lift the skin, and then Multiple needles then accurately enter the deep layer of the dermis. The injection dosage and injection frequency can be adjusted on the LED display. In addition, the pressure of the syringe is released before the needle comes out, so there is no loss of nutrients.

Vivive Private Anti-Aging

The only one in the world—recognized by the American DA. The original private radio frequency patented technology activates the deep layer of collagen in the private parts to repair and grow. Non-invasive, painless, no recovery period, firming and lubricating the ultimate technology to solve private relaxation
Vivive is the only breakthrough technology that promises to greatly improve the relaxation of private parts and G-spot sensitivity with word therapy.

THERMIVA Private Baby

THERMIVa is a private high-tech instrument imported from the United States that uses core intelligent temperature control transmission technology. It has passed two international certifications of FDA and CE. It is also used for privacy tightening and labia beautification, without anesthesia, surgery, and repair period. Comfortable and private rejuvenation project.

● Non-Surgical  ● Temperature Controlled  ● Radio Frequency

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